DS252VG-120 / G

– Type 1+2+3 unipolar surge protector
– 25 kA on 10/350µs impulse
– Low voltage Up
– Internal disconnection, status indicator and remote signaling
– Optimized to TOV
– IEC 61643-11 compliance
– UL1449 ed.4 recognitionThe DS250VG is an extreme duty Type 1+2+3 AC surge protector device designed to protect at the entrance of the electrical installation.
This SPD is particularly useful in a high lightning density area where the risk of heavy surge current or even direct strike is high (eg: buildings equipped with lightning rods).
The DS250VG is one-pole SPD and can be used in common mode or common and differential mode.
DS250VG AC surge protectors are designed to be connected in multi-pole configuration to protect single-phase, 3-phase and 3-phase+Neutral AC networks, sometimes associated with a dedicated N/PE SPD.